Pilot Research Study Live Blood Analysis of Adults (From Weston A. Price) FEBRUARY 10, 2010 BY BEVERLY RUBIK Live Blood Analysis of Adults Comparing the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet and the Conventional Modern Diet The most easily monitored tissue that shows changes in response to nutritional status is the blood. As there are numerous differences between the Read more about DIET[…]


Chiropractic Technique, Protocols, and Intuition Hour 1: Dr. Huang demonstrates how quickly he can help a runner with chronic low back pain. Hour 2: Working on highly skilled Dr. Kaela Hwang who is certified in Applied Kinesiology, NET, MFT, and P-DTR.  She had a sprain strain to her wrist which was resolved through Four-Hour Chiro Read more about Intuition[…]

Dr. James Huang DC PAK

Dr. Huang is one of the top chiropractors in the Bay Area. He focuses on a getting quick, long lasting results for his patients. Patients typically improve between 50-80% in one visit.